Summer in Aggieland!

IN AGGIELAND THIS SUMMER?! - If you are here this summer, join us on Tuesday nights (Beginning May 31st) at 6pm for our Summer Bible Study.  We'll start with (a FREE!) dinner, watch an episode of the Chosen series, and then have a Bible study discussion based on that night's episode.  It should be a great time to reflect on the story of Jesus with others.  

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS! If you are an International friend in town, we will have English classes starting the last week of May.  We'll post the schedule here soon for those classes and other fun summer options.

NEW AGGIES! - If you are heading to College Station for your New Student Conference, we hope to meet you on campus on Day One.  Or if you find a break in your time here, stop by the Baptist Student Center, just a block from the Northside of campus at 203 COLLEGE MAIN.